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ADUs - economical housing

ADUs - mini homes, backyard bungalows - are an economical way to creates wonderful houses opportunities. They are permanent, comfortable living quarters, should not be compared, cost wise, to something like a tiny home. One big cost advantage: they are usually installed on the rear of property, a generally underutilized asset. The owner of the property uses an asset they already own to increase their wealth.

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A bill has been introduced in the Colorado legislature to expand the adoption of ADUs statewide.

ADUs, off site construction, and affordability Verdant Living’s ADUs ( are manufactured, and have all these positives. Anyo

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From Doug Tollin at Skyline Champion (supplier to Verdant Living): The housing industry is undergoing a transformation, and it’s not just about homes; it’s about creating a better world. 🌍🏡 Off-site


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