Verdant Living is a construction firm specializing in ADUs (accessory dwelling units) which are micro-homes often located on one's property. These 'micro-homes' are also known as backyard bungalows, granny flats, or carriage houses. 

Over the past few years, ADUs have become more and more popular in cities throughout the United States; Portland, Seattle, and the entire state of California have seen tremendous growth and popularity as zoning and regulation laws have begun to favor ADUs. As more and more cities begin to make similar adjustments the concept of ADUs will start becoming more common in major cities.

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Benefits of an ADU

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Family Housing 

The concept of housing is changing daily, and an ADU is one of those options to support this change. Whether you have parents whom you want living nearby in order to care for, or if you want to be able to host guests and family when they are in town. Working with Verdant allows for this change and creates a new meaning for family housing. 

Rental Income

An ADU is a great option for those looking to utilize unused space on one's property. With increasing rent prices throughout the Denver area, many individuals are using ADUS as a form of passive income. Whether it be through long/short term rentals or utilizing it as an Airbnb, ADUs allow for an extra form of income. 

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Increased Property Value

Home prices throughout the Denver area have been on the rise, and the cost for land is not going to decrease anytime soon. Many people are constantly looking for ways to increase their property value without having to do major home renovations. Installing an ADU is one way a homeowner can add property value.

Home Offices & More

 The way we work is slowly beginning to change with many individuals making the switch to 'work from home'. Unfortunately, not everyone has space in their existing home to convert a space into a home office. In other cities throughout the country, we have slowly begun seeing ADUs built and installed forming home offices, and other work from home spaces.

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